Ignition Key Change

Booking ignition key change for Aurora ON vehicles is only a matter of making contact with our company. You may message or call our team to have your ignition car key changed. The service is provided fast and is done accurately without costing you much. And it’s performed by an experienced car locksmith.

If you want a new ignition key – for any reason at all, don’t lose time and don’t take risks. Go ahead and contact Aurora Locksmith.

Aurora ignition key change specialists

Tell us if there’s a need for ignition key change in Aurora, Ontario. It’s usually time-pressing to have the ignition car key changed when the original one is somehow compromised. To put it simply, if you fear that someone without authority over your car may gain access, you need to prevent it from happening. Right? For this reason, you need to disable the key and thus, must change the door lock too. If that’s your situation, trust that our team quickly sends locksmiths out. Of course, if the door locks are fine, there’s no need to pay more to have them replaced. The locks can be rekeyed and the locksmiths make a new key.

The locksmiths change ignition keys and rekey locks

Since ignition keys must fit in the door lock but also in the ignition switch, the switch cylinder must change too. This way, you will still have one key to operate the doors and the switch. Of course, not all situations are like that. For example, you may need a new key if the ignition switch changes due to switch damage. Since the current key won’t match anymore, you have a new ignition car key made.

In this case, the automotive key made will only fit the ignition switch but not the door locks. If the locks are okay, you can simply have two keys: one for the doors and one for the ignition switch. If the door locks are dirty, very old, or somehow damaged, they can be replaced and so, you will have one car key for everything.

Have your ignition car key replaced quickly & the job needed done expertly

The important thing is that you can count on our team for ignition key replacement. And more importantly, you can be certain of the way the job is done. With experienced auto locksmiths just around the corner and ready to serve, the job is also carried out without delay. If it’s time to get a new ignition key, don’t think about it. Why should you? The best in Aurora ignition key change service is a call away, affordable, and provided by skilled and well-equipped locksmiths. Why don’t you call us?