Rekey Locks

Many things will determine the security of your property but the quality and condition of your locks should be your first concern. Having durable, new keys and making sure no prior tenants or realtors have your keys as well are also extremely important parameters for your security. In any other case, lock rekey is required immediately. We cannot let your security be compromised and for this reason our Aurora Locksmith is at your service 24/7. Our specialized technicians will Rekey Locks of any house, apartment, vehicle or office very fast and at your convenience.

Well-trained lock rekey specialists Rekey Locks

Rekeying the locks basically involves the replacement of the tumbler. This way, the lock will be as good as new and will only open with a new key. If you suspect that your landlord or an old co-tenant still carries your house keys around, make sure to call our company for immediate rekeying. We provide excellent services for commercial establishments as well and have the capacity to rekey locks of any master key system, too. If you live in a large apartment building or the superintendent of your office building is retired, master key change will be your solution.

24 hour rekeying of locks

We provide our services fast and are here for emergency services and fast key replacement. We know everything there is to know about keys and our Locksmith in Aurora has the equipment to support fast services efficiently and 24/7. Don’t take your chances when an employee with access to your office is dismissed! We can Rekey Locks of any type and you can be sure of the full discretion and professionalism of our teams. Our technicians provide quick service to our Aurora clients since they have the expertise and the best technical support in Ontario to cover your needs.